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UK Team for ISSDC

A huge thank you to all the teams and their attending adults at the ISSDC last weekend. The following members of the winning team have been selected to go forward to represent the UK at the International Space Settlement Design Competition at the Kennedy Space Center at the end of July:

Lucy Stock

Freddie Skerrett

Amro Fadel

Mitras Stainsbury

James Hayes

Sophie Bata-Madden

Jonah McDonald

Liam Donnelly

Charlie Horn

Louis Ayin-Walsh

Nathan Smith

Madhav Thota


     First Reserve                              William File

     Second Reserve                          Sophie Koziell-Pipe

Third Reserve                             Tavishi Prasad

Fourth Reserve                           Caitlin Gallagher


UK students for EU team (n.b. these places are independent of the UK team and are self funded) 


  •     Hector Cross
  •     Stanislav Pikovsky


  1. Flora Nicholls
  2. William Istance
  3. Leo Carey Read
  4. Otis Laundon



  •      Markus Emmott
  •     Jamie Matthews


  1.      Mia Wyndham
  2.      Poppy McPeake


  1. Ellie Abel
  2. Finn Ractliffe


(Reserves to follow…….!)





UK Space Design Competition March 14-15, 2020 UK National…

The UKSDC finals will be held at Imperial College London on the weekend of 14 -15th of March 2020 – congratulations to all the qualifying teams – we look forwarding to welcoming you!

Information will be sent to the named supervisor for your team – please contact for any further details you may require.